"I Was Born" . . . . . "My Dog And My Hog" . . . . . "The Wind"
"Splat!" . . . . . "Shake And Bake Snake" . . . . . "Indian Outlaw" . . . . . "Take It Away"
"Own an Indian Motorcycle" . . . . . "Spooge" . . . . . "Religion And The Road"

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ISBN 0-935151-44-3

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This is a book of poems about motorcycles and motorcyclists. The collection of poems, pictures and printed material reflect some of my thoughts and reflections while riding, camping, dealing with the justice system and courts, and during the consumption of witch's brew. Friends helped me during the assembling of the material with numerous literary suggestions, the provision of vast quantities of liquid stimulants and offers to go ride motorcycles when I should have been working. I will have to blame these friends for errors in judgment, delays in printing and the possible lack of tact in some instances.

The final publication came about as the result of a visit by two of my biker friends to the publisher. The publisher had reservations about the marketability of a book of poetry about motorcycles and motorcyclists. After the visit with my friends the publisher discarded his reservations and the book went to press.

-- Gregory W. Frazier
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